How to Incorporate Subsidiary Office in Singapore?

A subsidiary company is one that is completely or partly under control of another company or corporation. The controlling company is called as parent company. Mostly, parent company owns more than half the stock of subsidiary company. Foreign companies that want to invest in Singapore consider Singapore subsidiary as the best option to invest in.


Subsidiary offices are separate legal entities from its parent company and parent company can own 100% shares of its subsidiary. There are few documents that parent company has to show for subsidiary company registration in Singapore which include parent company’s incorporation certificate, passport details and residential address of the directors, registered address of company, approval of parent company’s directors for appointing directors of Singapore subsidiary etc. Company can appoint a secretary who lives in Singapore. Every company in Singapore should have a shareholder, which can be a person or a company. It is not compulsory for shareholder to be a citizen of Singapore. After the incorporation process is completed, a company can either continue to act as shareholder of subsidiary or can appoint a Singapore nominee shareholder. A nominee shareholder act as a dummy shareholder who signs the agreement which states that he hold the shares of subsidiary on the behalf of beneficial owner or actual shareholder from foreign country.


Incorporation process for subsidiary company registration in Singapore can cost a foreign company around few thousand dollars, including subsidiary incorporation, registered address per year, and nominee director fee per year.

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