Singapore Entrepass (Entrepreneur Pass)

Foreign peoples,who does not possess any appropriate educational qualification and would like to relocate to Singapore, for business set up can use the Entre Pass which is the best absolute option.

Entre Pass facilitates the foreign Entrepreneur to start a new business with the period of one year validity.

Points to be considered for issuing Entre Pass:

  • Origin of Country.
  • Level of Education.
  • Business type and Plan.
  • Total Capital Investment.
  • Job creation.
  • Past work experience.

Eligibility required for Entre Pass:

  • Applicant must be above 21 years old.
  • Applicant must hold 30%-100% company shares.
  • Applicant should have minimum S$50,000 paid-up-capital.
  • Applicant should not have registered a company or business in Singapore for more than 6 months.
  • Applicant should submit 10 pages of detailed business plan, demonstrating the idea behind the business, market analysis & plan, services, resource plan, financial projections, management team and supporting documents etc.
  • Applicant’s proposed project, should not entitled to illegal activities.
  • Applicant ought to possess relevant experience and successful business record of accomplishment.
  • Businesses such as Coffee Shops, Hawker center’s/Food courts, newspaper vending, money changing/remitting, foot reflexology, massage parlors,tuition services, karaoke lunges etc. are not entrepreneurial in nature is applicable for an Entre Pass.

Significance of business plan in Entre Pass Application:

The most important aspect in acquiring Singapore Entre Pass visa approved, lies in how best the applicant prepared their business plan. Ministry of Manpower (MOM) insists on the demonstration of applicant’s one year project and should meet the employment opportunities to a minimum number of Singaporeans or local workers and Total Business Spending (TBS).

MOM‘s minimum Employee specification and BS requirements-, Renewal Criteria and Approval Time:

P1 Pass:

  • 8 Local Employees.
  • TBS 0f S$300,000 over the past 12 months.
  • If Net Asset Value is positive, you get approval for 2 years.
  • If Net Asset Value is negative, you get approval for 1 year.

P2 Pass:

  • 4 Local employees.
  • TBS of S$150,000 over the past 12 months.
  • If Net Asset Value is positive, you get approval for 2 years.
  • If Net Asset Value is negative, you get approval for 1 year.

Q1 Pass:

  • 2 Local Employees.
  • TBS of S$100,000 over the past 12 months.
  • Approval only for one year for 1st renewal; company must upgrade to P pass by 2nd renewal.


It is important to have a well drafted business plan for its later renewal of an Entre Pass. This can be achieved only through meeting the business requirements and achieving Business goals and objectives.

Dependent/Long term visitor Pass for Family Members:

Singapore Employment Pass holders working under any sector can bring their family members on one of the following passes

P Pass Holder:

1. Dependent’s Pass for

  • Spouse.
  • Unmarried or legally adopted children, under 21 years old.

2. Long term Visitor Pass for

  • Common law spouse.
  • Unmarried daughters above 21 years old.
  • Handicapped Children.
  • Step-children.
  • Parents.
  • Parents-in-law.

Q1 Pass holder:

1. Dependent’s Pass for

  • Spouse.
  • Unmarried or legally adopted children, below 21 years old.


Entre Pass Procedure and Timeline:

Two government authorities namely, Spring Singapore and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) evaluate the Entre Pass Applications. The Application selection process are as follows:

  • Filing of duly filled application with supportive documents to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore.
  • The average processing time for Entrepreneur Pass ids4-6 weeks.
  • Once the application gets approval, (Approval in-principle) AIP letter will be issued.
  • For final Approval, Registration of the company and its Proof and introduction of the minimum paid-up-capital has to be submitted to MOM within 30 days from the date of AIP.
  • As mentioned in the Approval Letter, Medical Examination report has to be produced and submitted, at the time collecting Entre Pass.You can either undergo Medical Examination in your country or in Singapore.
  • After getting the final Approval letter, the applicant should move to Singapore, within 6 months from the date of approval.
  • If you have applied for Dependent Pass then it is collected along with your Entre Pass.

Documents Required for Entre Pass Application:

  • Duly Filled Singapore Entre Pass Application (Form 8).
  • Copies of Educational Certificates.
  • Copy of personal details page in Passport.
  • Recently taken Passport size photographs.
  • Well-drafted description of up to 10 pages containing Business plan and goals and objectives.
  • If already company is incorporated, printout of company’s latest business profile has to be submitted.
  • Records of previous employment or business venture should be submitted as evidence


  • Documents/Certificates which are in other languages must be translated by an official translator and should get certified by the respective embassy.
  • Applicant should get a sponsorship for business visa application either from a registered company in Singapore or a guarantee of S$3,000 from bank for its approval. If you are not able to get the sponsorship, we will provide you that.

Facts regarding company incorporation:

  • Until getting approval from Ministry of Manpower (MOM), setting up of company in Singapore is unnecessary, which helps confident- less entrepreneurs for Entre Pass approval.
  • Once getting the AIP from MOM, Company can be registered in Singapore within 30 days which is not a big deal, if you choose us, since we take only 2-3 days for registration. To know more, kindly see our website Singapore Company Incorporation.

Documents to be produced at the collection of Entre Pass:

  • Medical Examination Report.
  • Recently taken passport size photograph.
  • Original Passport with disembarkation card.
  • Copy of the Approval-In-Principle letter (AIP) from the MOM.
  • Requested documents as mentioned in the IPA letter.

To enter Singapore, AIP letter comprising of single journey entry visa is needed. Once you entered, we will took an appointment with the MOM for collecting your finger prints. After this, the date is given for collecting your pass, which will be normally ready in 4 working days.

Validity period for the Entre Pass:

  • For first time Entre Pass applicants, validity period of 2 years is given.
  • Applicant’s Entre Pass is renewed only, if they meet the requirements of both employment of local works and Total Business Spending (TBS).
  • MOM will remind about an Entre Pass Renewal form, 2 months in prior to the Entre Pass Expiry.
  • Filled in Application form along with the following documents should be submitted in one month prior to the expiry date of Entre Pass.
  • Singapore Corporation Registration Information from Company’s Registry.
  • Recent Financial Statements for Applicants’ Corporation in Singapore.
  • Office Lease Agreements, Employee Pay Slips, Invoices/Contracts awarded etc. as a proof to ensure that company is running successfully.
  • Highest degree of Educational Certificates of Company’s employees.


Prior to Entre Pass Renewal, Authorities will examine whether the Applicant’s,


  • Business is commercially workable or not.
  • Business is under commercial procedure and action.
  • Company is running according to the proposed business plan.

Rejection of Entre Pass Application:

If the Applicant’s Entre Pass gets rejected, we will overlook into the issues and help in meeting up the desired additional documents if required. For rejection issue, it takes more than 3 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the case.

Eligibility Criteria to Convert Entre Pass to PR Pass:

All EP holder of any status are eligible to apply for a PR, However a waiting period of 6 months is needed for the following reasons.

  • To get evaluated, by the Singapore Immigration Authorities, by demonstrating that the applicant’s Business is running successfully.
  • Submitting Minimum 6 months’ Pay slips.
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