Singapore Work Passes

In Singapore, the Work Permit Passes for the foreigners, who possess Professional employment are the following

  • Employment Pass (EP).
  • Entrepreneur Pass (Entre Pass).
  • S Pass.
  • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP).

Employment Pass

This Work Permit Pass is to intend the company owners or skilled employees who wish to work in Singapore. To obtain this, one should hold a degree from the reputed university and should earn minimum monthly salary of S$3,000 .The validity time period of Employment Pass is 1-2 years. EP holders of P1, P2 and Q status are eligible to apply for PR status.

Entrepreneur Pass

This Work Permit is for the foreign entrepreneurs, who would like to operate their new business venture in Singapore. The validity time period of the Entre Pass is 1-2 years and it should be renewed until the business remains unchanged. The EP holders are eligible to apply for PR status.

S Pass

This Pass is for the skilled mid-level foreigners, employed by the Singapore companies. Application is assessed by the last drawn basic salary, educational qualifications, skills, job type and work experience. The applicant is eligible to apply only if the monthly salary is S$2000 or above Pass is issued with the validity time period of 1-2 years and it is renewable until the applicant is in the job. The number of S pass holders that a Singapore company can employ is restricted to a sub-quota of 25% of total workforce of the company.

Personalized Employment Pass

This is granted based on the applicant’s merit. PEP holder’s works on a free-lance basis and need not work under direct employer. PEP holder can switch jobs without re-applying for new Employment Pass. But they should not be unemployed for more than 6 months. PEP holders are not eligible for Company Incorporation in Singapore. PEP validity time period is up to 5 years and it cannot be renewed but they are eligible to apply for PR status.

Miscellaneous Work Pass

Foreigners who works on short term assignments are granted with this pass. This Pass is granted under the following conditions

  • If the applicant involved in organizational activities.
  • If the applicant involved in conducting seminars, workshops, conference, Religious talks and politics.
  • If the applicant is a reporter, journalist, or crew member who is not sponsored by any Singapore government agency.

Miscellaneous Work Pass Visa holder are not eligible to apply for PR Status.

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