Singapore Branch Office Registration

Foreign companies which would like to start a business in Singapore, has to register a branch in Singapore. Branch office is only an extension to its head office, owned by the foreign parent company.

Features of Singapore Branch Office setup:

  • It is a non-legal entity which should be a registered branch office in Singapore.
  • The company name must be the same as the parent company.
  • Two local staff members must be appointed to run the administration. They can be from the following. Singapore citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), Employment Pass (EP) Approval In-Principle Employment Pass (AIP EP), or Dependent Pass holder.
  • Shareholders, the structure of the company and its activities are directed by the foreign company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA).
  • The accounts and the audited accounts of Singapore branch office, must be submitted annually to both head office accounts and ACRA.
  • Shareholders will depend on the constitution of the foreign company’s head office.
  • Annual General Meetings are conducted, depending on the country law, to which the foreign incorporation belongs.
  • Residents and non-residents may hold foreign exchange accounts. There are no control or requirements for payments, transfers and repatriation of profits.

Required Documents for the registration

  • Certificate of Incorporation given by the foreign country.
  • Certificate of the foreign company’s Articles of Association, Statutes, License or amendments defining or constituting its constitution by the notary public.
  • Particulars of the Directors.
  • Memorandum of Appointment of Agents or Power of Attorney can be done through us under the company seal stating the names, addresses and passport/NRIC numbers of two or more persons residing in Singapore who acts as the foreign company’s agents.
  • Preparation of Statutory declaration by verifying the execution of the Memorandum of Appointment of Agents.
  • Registered Singapore office address details can be provided by us.

Procedure and timeline for Registration

  • Registration formalities are taken care by our company, in which the process takes place in two steps

o    Name Approval.

o   Entity Registration.

  • Registration of a Singapore branch office is usually completed in 1 or 2 days, if all the necessary documents and the name approval process are set correctly.
  • The company registrar will mail you the registration of Singapore Branch Office. No hard copy of certificate is issued. If you need it, you can get it by applying separately.


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