How to do Branch Registration for Business in Singapore?

Singapore is a growing global commerce, it welcomes investors from foreign lands to come and setup branches of their companies in it. The government has very clear and transparent policies for foreign investors which attract several foreign firms to start their business here. Most renowned companies from other countries invest in expanding their businesses here. You can start a branch office which will be an extension of existing company with the same name as parent company. Before registration, company will have to submit a few documents like incorporation certificate by the country where the company originally resides. Company can appoint local staff members to run the administration smoothly.


Singapore branch registration process is simple and easy. Foreign associates can hire incorporation company in Singapore that helps with the company setup. These companies offer different packages according to the requirement of client. Generally they offer affordable company setup packages for foreign entrepreneurs, for foreign companies and for Singapore residents. Incorporation of branch office may cost around a few thousand dollars, including company incorporation fee, company secretarial fee per year, nominee agent’s service fee for 3 months, and the application fee of employment pass for the appointed staff. An experienced firm provides efficient services in a very organized manner. They offer ease in the process of registration and incorporation which can be a real pain in the head in a new country for any foreign investor.

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