Singapore Nominee Director

Nominee Director is an entity who is liable for incorporating document who is the sole responsibility for the overall management of the company. In exercising their powers, they must act honestly with diligence and with reasonable skill.

If you wish to setup a company in Singapore, you need a director who is minimum of 18 years old and should be any one of the following:

  • Citizen of Singapore.
  • Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore.
  • Neither Holder of Entre Pass nor Employment Pass or Dependent Pass who has a residential address in Singapore.

If you are not having acquaintance with anyone in Singapore, our Singapore Incorporation Company is at your help for appointing a Nominee Director .Despite this, we will ensure

  • Privacy and secrecy of the Client is respected.
  • Power of Attorney for the company owner for running the business and operating company’s bank transactions.
  • Company owner’s name will not be disclosed to the third party.
  • The decision is not made by the Company Director, the management of the company is the only responsibility.
  • Annual returns and Company accounts are prepared by the accountant of the company and the nominee director will only sign on it.
  • Company owner will be the responsible person, for running the company, legally and financially.
  • Nominee Director Singapore, will not be neither the signatory authority for company’s bank accounts nor run in on its behalf.
  • Appointment of Nominee Director is only to satisfy the local statutory requirements, who is not entitled to vest any power over the business and should not hold any shares.

Terms and conditions in Nominee Director Service Singapore:

  • You must fulfill our initial and continuous know –your-client requirements.
  • You must sign Nominee Director Indemnity Agreement, to indemnify the nominee director from any losses, penalties, statutory fines, claims or demands of any nature.
  • You must appoint one or more directors, to run the business operations. Normally directors will be the company’s shareholders.
  • You must hand over the security deposit, which is refundable.
  • You must know the separate fee structure for company’s accounts and finance reporting prepared by our Singapore incorporation company and the Centre for applying accounting pte ltd.
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