The Top 3 Benefits of Singapore Company Formation

Published on October 19th, 2015 by in Blog

Singapore is rapidly evolving as the corporate mecca of South-East Asia due to its growing economy. The country’s ability to attract foreign investors and nurture local businesses makes it a desirable place for entrepreneurs from around the globe. Empowered by the lenient policies and ease of registration, many companies are now attracted to Singapore for future business growth. We bring you the top 3 benefits of Singapore company formation:

1. Fast, Efficient and Cost-Effective Registration

You can register a name for your company in Singapore within just an hour and complete all the formalities in an extremely short period as well. Also, the country allows complete foreign ownership with just a minimum paid capital of S$ 1.

2. Generous Tax Benefits

Singapore is a leading example of countries that reduce corporate income tax and offer tax incentives to attract and maintain global investments. Profits that are earned out of Singapore enjoy tax exemption as Singapore has global treaties with over 60 countries. Thus, local businesses can avoid double taxes. Singapore also has the lowest GST rate of 7%, whereas the global average is 16.4%.

3. Strategic Location and State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Singapore is located at the crosshair of international trading routes. It is one of the fastest developing country for banking, finance and business. Companies that opt for Singapore branch registrationcan enjoy exceptional infrastructure, advanced technologies, unmatched telecommunications network, excellent transportation and other world-class amenities.

Along with these top benefits, the ease of emigration for foreigners, financial aid and high standard of living make Singapore a highly desirable destination for business.

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