How to form a Company in Singapore?

Setting up a business is a demanding task. One should be aware of several factors that help a business to survive in market. Selection of location of business is one of the important factors for business setup. Singapore is considered as a prime place for conducting business in Asian countries. There are several reasons to consider Singapore as a location for business setup including the best investment potential and foreign trade in Asia Pacific. Government policies are transparent and protection is given to the foreign investors for intellectual property rights. Business registration process only takes two to three days to be done. If you prefer to setup a company in Singapore, you can have a director who is above the age of 18 years. Incorporation Company can help to appoint a nominee director if needed for the company who is a resident of Singapore and holds a residential address there. This person will be liable for everything in company and will be responsible for its management.

There are registration firms in Singapore that offer services for company registration, immigration, management, branch office setup, subsidiary offices setup, and virtual offices. Singapore company formation process and registration is a simple and hassle free task. If a foreign corporate wants to open a branch office for its existing business in Singapore then the procedure is very straight forward. This process can easily be completed. Professional incorporation firm offers reliable services to foreign investors with very customer friendly policies to aid a foreign corporate to expand their business in Singapore easily.

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