Commonly Asked Questions and Answers about Starting a Company in Singapore

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As compared to its global counterparts, it is much easier to set up business in Singapore. The process takes just a few days if all the documents are duly submitted and the application procedure is completed properly. Due to this efficient registration system, Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations for business in Asia Pacific. We bring you some important questions with their relevant answers to help you in starting a Singapore company.

1. How is a Singapore company defined?

A company that stands as a legal business entity, which is different from its shareholders and directors; can buy and sell properties, be charged with a lawsuit and file a case.

2. A Company Can Have How Many Shareholders?

As per the Singapore Companies Act, a company can have 1 to 50 shareholderswho can be an individual or a corporate. You can either act as a shareholder yourself or avail nominee shareholderservices for the purpose of corporate confidentiality.

3. What are the Regulations For Appointing A Director?

A nominee director must be a resident of Singapore or a foreigner who holds an EntrePass, Employment Pass or Dependent Pass.

4. What are the Limitations of Foreign Ownership?

A company can have 100% ownership by a foreign entity and it can still qualify for various tax benefits that are given to local companies.

5. What are The Most Crucial Requirements To Register A Company As A Foreign Entity Or Individual?

It is mandatory to appoint a professional registration company during incorporation as Singapore law prohibits foreigners to register their own business.

6. Can a Foreigner Own A Company Here Without Relocating?

Yes, but the company must have a resident director and a secretary. He should also have a registered business address in Singapore.

Starting a company in Singapore is quite simple and cost-effective for businessmen around the world. By having the basic knowledge about company registration, it will be much easier for you to get started with your company operations.


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